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Make Us An Offer On Our Swords, etc.

If you are interested in any of our swords, we may well accept a sensible offer.

Many swords we will not take an offer on, but some we may.

Offers / How To Make An Offer

1) Contact us and let us know what sword(s) you are interested in and at what price.

2) Let us know how you will be paying (PayPal / card, UK / EU bank transfer, cash, Western Union)

3) We will accept or decline. If we decline, we may make you a counter offer.

Please note:
a) We are far less likely to offer much if any discount if paying by PayPal, as we get hit with around 5% commission / fees by them.
b) It is unlikely that we will offer a discount / accept an offer to a one time buyer on a lower value (under £500) item. We give regular customers a discount (please click here for details).

Please also note, we are not a dealer resource; that is, we do not have trade prices (please see notes here).

Please remember, we pay taxes (many), rent / storage, insurance, etc. and nett margins / profits are not what some believe!


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