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Sword Identifications & Valuations

Sword Identifications / Valuations

Selling a sword? If yes, please go to our Selling a Sword page.

For ID's & Valuations you can contact us (We charge £10 per ID / valuation)

If you require a sword identification and / or valuation (We provide UK auction and retail value estimates only), we may be able to help you; it depends on the sword and whether we are knowledgeable in that area of course. We charge £10 (GBP - British pounds sterling) per simple sword ID & valuation. If you want extra information such as the authentication / translation of a Japanese mei (the signature / date on the tang of the blade), research or advice, this will cost more and we will let you know how much in advance IF we are able to do it for you in the first place.

To get an ID / valuation from us / start the process;

1) Please pay £10 for each sword you want ID'd & valued to our PayPal account:

2) Email us clear images of your sword(s) - our email address is the same as our PayPal account. Please do not send us large high resolution photos as our email account may reject these. It may be a good idea to open a free photobucket account, upload your images there, and then simply send us a link to your photobucket portfolio.

3) If we can not help you regarding any sword, we will refund the £10 for each. If we can help, we will send you back the sword model / type and its value (both auction value and retail / insurance value).

Please do not ask us to ID / value a sword without first making the PayPal payment. We get so many emails asking for what amount to be requests for free information that regrettably we simply can not respond to any requests that have not paid in advance any more.

Consultancy Work

We may be willing / able to do consultancy work. If we are, we would charge £100 per hour or part thereof. Payment would be 2 hours in advance plus settlement of each 5 hour period when such occur. Consultancy work included, for example, sword and original owner research.

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