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Waterloo Battle Trophy French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry Sword, For Sale

In very good condition, a 100% guaranteed authentic Klingenthal made French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry Sword, clearly a Waterloo Battle Trophy.

Waterloo Battle Trophy French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry Sword

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Iconic, almighty French An XIII Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry Sword, blade made by Klingenthal in January 1815, hilt / guard show the sword was made in Versailles. Blade inscribed Manufre Royle du Klingenthal Janvier (January) 1815 (yes, it is 1815, not 1811, the "5" is typically cursive); marked "Royal" not "Imperial" because the blade was made during Napoleon's first exile to the Elba. The sword and scabbard do not have matching rack numbers, so this sword was most likely a battle field pick up (dropped by the Cuirassier as many were) and later married to the scabbard. The blade having a spear point; most blades were converted to spear point by the French regiments as this was more effective at piercing enemy armour than the original hatchet point (all of these blades were manufactured with hatched points). Correct poinçons for Etienne Louis Borson, Jean-Georges Bick, and François Louis Lobstein.

The 96 cm blade is in very good condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt with age / patina but not too much, and in good condition. The original leather grip is good but the twisted grip wire is gone (easy enough to replace). The steel scabbard also very good. The sword sheathes and draws well if a little loosely.

What a beauty, Versailles and Klingenthal, a collector's dream. Yours, be quick, for £1650. Please quote item reference P02. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0188-1.18 (3.564).

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