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New Zealand, Antique Swords For Sale

OK, so we are not a New Zealand based antique swords dealer, but we provide guaranteed authentic edged weapons with hassle free quick delivery to many Kiwi customers already, normally at a fraction of the cost of buying from a NZ based sword dealer. Based on the prices we see British, French, German and Japanese swords being sold for on Trade Me, we are confident that if you buy from us once, you will become a repeat customer.

We are New Zealanders' Trade Me / eBay alternative!

It is not just a matter of price, but also of selection / range and quality, plus the fact we 100% guarantee authenticity. If you are in a hurry to get one of our antique swords, we can send it to you by Fedex. If you would prefer to pay a little less and have simplified Customs procedures, International parcel post deliveries are becoming faster all the time, with deliveries to New Zealand typically taking 10 days.

New Zealand antique sword dealers buy from us and then add their profit margin on top to sell onto and into their domestic NZ market. Buying direct from us should save Kiwi collectors a lot of money!

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