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1796 Model Spanish Royal Guard Officer's Sword, for sale

In good condition, a very rare 1796 Model Spanish Royal Guard (Coaraceros de la Guardia Real) Officer's Sword.

1796M Spanish Royal Guard (Coaraceros de la Guardia Real) Officer's Sword

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A really, very rare sword. The Spanish Royal Guard (Coaraceros de la Guardia Real) during the Napoleonic era was not a huge regiment of the royal guard. Although designated Cuirassiers (Coaraceros), they carried ceremonial use swords, much shorter than the French Cuirassiers (who used their weapons). Dated 1796 to the blade, the hilt is the same as used by Spain's light cavalry, but this is not a light cavalry regiment sword; it is straight and has the all too distinctive Royal Household Cavalry scabbard only carried by the Coaraceros de la Guardia Real.

The 29 7/8 inch blade is in very good condition and quite firm in the hilt (a tiny amount of movement). The hilt / guard aged but good. The original leather grip and twisted grip wire in very good order. The heavy steel scabbard aged and with a kink is good. The sword sheathes and draws well if a little loosely.

Go on, find another outside a museum, I challenge you. Grab it quick: £1250. Please quote item reference number AD55. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 0542-1m (2.366).

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