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18/19C Ceylonese / Singhalese Silver and Gold / Gilded Kastane, for sale

In overall good condition, a 18C / 19C Sri Lankan (Ceylonese / Singhalese) Silver and Gold / Gilded Kastane.

18/19C Sri Lankan (Ceylonese / Sinhalese) Silver and Gold / Gilded Kastane

Sales enquiries

Acid silver test confirm solid silver sections (see below).

The 18 1/4 inch gilt / brass / gold insert blade has a steady patina and a little bending but is overall good and firm in the hilt. The aged hilt is of carved tropical wood, silver, steel and brass; section of main carving missing. The very aged and falling apart scabbard is a bonus. The sword sheathes and draws alright with care.

A spectacular kastane for just £800. Please quote item reference number AD40. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 0498-82x16x16 (1.153).

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