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Antique swords buyer - are you selling a sword?

Are you selling a sword? We are prolific antique sword / edged weapons buyer (we also buy vintage WW2 swords / daggers)! Edged weapons include sabres, cutlasses, daggers, dirks, mamelukes, shaskas, shamshirs, etc.

If you sell your sword(s) at a traditional auction, you and the buyer both pay a commission (normally 20% each) called a "premium", so you do not make the true value of your item. If you sell militaria via an online auction such as eBay, you pay fees and may not realize the full price potential as there is little or no expert advice available plus prolific fraud has driven prices down. Actually, eBay now prohibits or restricts swords and other militaria so much now, you may well find you can not sell there anyway.

If you are selling a sword please get in touch with us.
What we will do is make you an offer for any sword / sabre / edged weapon you have for sale we are interested in based on what we would bid at auction. If you accept this means you and we both save around 20% as neither of us have to pay an auction house their seller / buyer premiums.

Just send us some clear pictures by email and we will tell you if we are interested and at what price. Our email address is above (on the top photo) and on our Contact Us page.

Please note:

1) It is unlikely we would be interested in buying items from outside the EU / UK due to the processes involved, types of swords available in the United States for example, etc. Though 200+ year old English, Scottish and Islamic swords we might.

2) We never ever buy reproductions, tourist pieces, civilian training, civilian combat, modern Japanese type swords, or fantasy swords.

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