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WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto, signed Ietsugu, for sale

In good to very good condition, with original polish, a Hashizume school (Kaga Province) blade by Ietsugu, Kyoroku era (Sengoku period), mounted in a WW2 Japanese army officer's shin gunto.

Sales enquiries

Believed based upon our detailed research to be the 2nd generation Ietsugu (1528-1532) F S Rating Chu-jo saku. There were very few smiths called Ietsugu, and even fewer who simply signed their name (all being from the Kaga Province Hashizume school). The hamon on this blade is a close match to a NBTHK Hozon certified example of his work. This is a high quality blade and whichever Ietsugu made it, the price we are selling it for is fully justified if not a bargain.

The 26 5/8 inch cutting edge (Nagasa) blade is overall in very good condition and in original polish but with some scuffing, some staining one side and one tiny black spot (could be old inert black rust spot) / fukure to the cutting edge near the habaki. The mountings / koshirae are generally very good. The rayskin / same is in very good shape. The leather on the saya / scabbard has shrunk, so the fastener from the fuchi / tuska no longer pops on into place. But the sword sheathes and draws very well.

A lovely shin gunto with a 500 year old or older Sengoku period blade, yours for £2250. Please quote item reference number N84. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 1334-1m (1.932).

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