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Antique Swords EU - worldwide sword sales.

Guaranteed authentic, quality vintage, collectible and antique swords for sale to / in the UK, EU, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and worldwide; most countries do not charge duty! We buy, identify and value sword / sabres, etc. as well (see left & below).

Antique Swords EU (formerly SwordSales EU) buy and sell mostly French, Japanese, Scottish, German and British antique, vintage and even some more recent edged weapons (e.g. swords for serving officers), plus sabres, cutlasses, dirks, broadswords, backswords, rapiers, basket hilts, shamshirs, katanas, mamelukes, shashkas, bayonets, daggers, kris / keris, etc. We pride ourselves in offering the greatest range, the highest quality and the most interesting / historic "Armes Blanches" around.

For the love of and investment in antique swords.
The reason we buy swords is because we love to collect! The reason we sell them is because we only have so much display space, and selling swords allows us to experience a greater number and buy more! Actually, antique swords represent one of the best and most evocative investments you can make. Antiques are proven recession busters, plus you get to handle swords, the epitome of honour and bravery; possibly once held and even used in terrible close combat during famous battles such as Waterloo. Antique swords in particular have at least doubled in value over the last 10 years or more, perhaps quadrupled in value over the last 20 years, and are certain to keep on appreciating.

UPS / Fedex / EMS / ParcelForce Shipping
Free shipping / insurance on orders above £1000, see Packing & Shipping page for details.

Typical worldwide delivery times;
Three working days (EMS / ParcelForce / UPS)
Four working days (UPS / Fedex)
Five working days (Fedex)

Collectible, Vintage, and 100+ year old edged weapons
Our areas of primary interest are Napoleonic swords, British infantry swords & cavalry sabres, British naval swords (including dirks and cutlasses), Japanese katanas & wakizashis (Nihonto), Russian shashkas, Ottoman / Persian shamshirs, but we will collect anything nice and evocative. If you have a sword you might like to sell (see: buying / selling swords), we would like to hear from you. If you need a sword ID'd / valued (we only charge £10 per ID / valuation) please visit: identifications / valuations.

Our most recent arrivals / new additions;
1854 Pattern Dublin marked British Infantry Officer's Sword, VGC
1908P WW1 British Cavalry Trooper's Wilkinson Sword, VGC
1853P British 7th & 8th Hussars Light Cavalry Sword, Charge of the Light Brigade Provenance
French 1816 Model Cuirassier / Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword, VGC
1857P Victorian British 1st Durham Royal Engineers Officer's Sword, owners initials
WW1 British Infantry Officer's Sword, by Hawksworth Sheffield

We sell and ship worldwide antique British swords, Napoleonic French sabres and authentic Japanese katanas. We guarantee NONE of the swords for sale here are reproductions; be careful, many dishonest or misinformed people sell repros as authentic (especially on eBay), even some "respectable" dealers! See our warnings here.

Prices are in £ GBP but we will gladly accept Euros, USD and AUD; see our Sales Contact page for payment methods and options, including lay-away. We were reviewed and have been specifically approved in September 2012 by PayPal for all our items. We ship our edged weapons mostly from the Iberian Peninsula (EU), plus a few items from the UK.


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